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Mordisco – a bite of delicious food

“Mordisco” means “bite” in Spanish. And that’s what you get here: delicious bites of informal cuisine. We were looking at the menu hanging on the outside when a waitress came outside and invited us in. In a nice way. We accepted and were led to the main sitting area, which is under a skylight.

To the way there we passed the an area with fresh fruit and vegetables, a bar where they prepare the salads and antipasti.

slicing fresh ham

barra de ensaladas - Mordisco

And then there came the “Ohhhhhh”. A brickwall with  plants on one side, the neighbours green garden on the other and above us only Barcelonas blue sky. Very nice I must say. The decoration is held in beige and white colours, wooden tables, carpets on the floor…

claraboya Mordisco

The menu arrived to our table.

Mordisco - the menu

We decided to have

  • Alcachofas fritas (fried artichokes)
  • Bomba de butifarra y manana (Sausage croquette with apple)
  • Arroz al carbón con calamares y almejas (Calamari and clams rice made on charcoal)
  • Calamares a la plancha (Grilled calamari)

and everything was delicious…

Croquette - Mordisco

The croquette had the right amount of spice and the apple combined perfectly with the butiffarra-sausage.

Fried artichoke

The fried artichokes were tasty and crunchy, as they should be.

Calamari and clams rice - Mordisco

There’s only one hitch with the calamari and clams rice: the portion was too little. The rice was al dente and the taste was delicious.

Grilled calamari

There are many ways of making an easy dish like grilled calamari, but they are not always so tender and fresh as the ones we ate at Mordisco. 

As a desert we chose Tiramisu

Tiramisu - Mordisco

A little bit too liquid on the lowest layer, for my italian background, but it was good.

The negative points: the coffee was not tasty (yeah, might be that being half italian calls for a higher quality in this sense) and (that was really the only point we were not happy about) the unfriendliness, or rigidity of our waiter. Maybe he just had a bad day, but we were just not feeling comfortable when we asked him for more water or bread… the other waiters however, who served other tables, were definitly more friendly.

Price: we paid 54 € for our lunch. Not Barcelons cheapest food, but tasty and in a nice atmosphere.

Definitly coming back again!


Passatge de la Concepció 10
T +34 934 879 656
08008 Barcelona



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