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BcnXmas Card

The BcnXmas Card allows you to get up to 10% discount in participating establishments during November and December 2013. The BcnXmas Card app (available for Android and Apple) gives you comprehensive information, even more perks and plenty of surprises!

Some of the city’s leading shops are offering cardholders discounts and extra special service. We’re not quite sure what it means if the best known shopping store in Spain (El Corte Inglés) offers you a “very special treatment”.

Those shops offering a 10% discount (which everybody appreciates) are the following ones: Bagues Joieria, Benito Sports, Boutique Lladro, Casa Viva, Casas International, Casas Sabeters, Colmado Murria, Cottet Optics, Custo Barcelona, Diesel Store Barcelona, Espacio Harley-Davidson BCN, Felgar, Furest, Jean Pierre Bua, Konema, La Mallorquina, Lupo, Mosaiccos, M-Store (Fábrica Moritz Barcelona), Muji, Ojala, Punto Luz, Raima, Ribes y Casals, Sentits BCN, U-Casas, Vila Viniteca

map of participating shops

Collect the QR codes which hang around in each shop. The more photos you take, the easier you win one of the prizes:

points earned

Scan the QR code you’ll find at every Barcelona Christmas Shopping store you visit, as well as the Barcelona Tourist Office, and you’ll add a point to your BcnXmas Card app.

Each point will count towards a daily prize draw for a Christmas experience in the city. Each point enters you in the draw.

The points you earn during the day count towards that day’s draw and the total number of points you earn during your stay in Barcelona will count towards the grand draw at the end of the campaign.

There are two different prize draws: a daily one and a big one at the end of the promotion.

Daily price draw:

Every day we are giving away a Christmas experience in the city to be used the following day. The lucky winner will be chosen from all BcnXmas Cardholders; each cardholder will be entered as many times as the number of QR codes they have scanned.

Every morning you’ll get a push message with the day’s prize. Every evening, after the shops have closed, a winner will be chosen at random from all BcnXmas Cardholders and duly notified. The more QR codes you scan, the greater your chances of winning the day’s prize.

The prize can be collected the following day at the Tourist Office in Plaça Catalunya for use during your stay.

Final price draw:
All visitors to Barcelona who have taken part in the Barcelona Christmas Shopping campaign between 11 November 2013 and 5 January 2014 and who have scanned QR codes at the participating shops will be entered into the grand prize draw at the end of the campaign.
The prize will be a weekend for two in Barcelona, including Vueling flights and 4-star accommodation in Barcelona.
Each visitor will be entered into the grand prize draw (for a weekend in Barcelona) as many times as the number of points they have earned during their stay in Barcelona.

Each QR code scanned earns one entry in the draw. The more points you earn, the greater your chances of winning the prize.



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