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L’Eggs – a restaurant for egg lovers

A long time ago one of my best friends shared an idea with me: opening a egg restaurant. He is actually a lawyer, but he is a very enthusiastic person and always investigating and calling into life new enterprises, too. This summer I saw IT. One of his business ideas, materialized on the Passeig de Gràcia in Barcelona.
L’Eggs – written above the entrance.
A little bit strange mixing a Catalan article with an English name, but… no doubt about what you will get inside.
I texted him immediately! He got the message on holidays, but today we had lunch at L’Eggs…
Hmmmm. The menu offered us a variety of fried eggs, speciality eggs, tortillas, classic and modern eggs, scrambled eggs, dishes without eggs … just in case, rice and meat, side dishes and desserts.
Our fried egg with squid and tartar sauce was exquisit, the hamburger with quail eggs was nothing special and definitly too small, but the Steak Tartar à la Jules Verne was delicious again. As a desert we had a mascarpone tart with ice cream of sheep milk and berries was perfect.
The decoration of the place was nice, actually I was afraid because these things can get very kitschy, but the decorator/s of L’Eggs did a good job. Funny, a little bit of hens, eggs and bales of straw made us feeling very cosy.
The staff was super friendly, we spent more than 2 hours in there and a lot of waiters attended us and all of them were really nice.
I liked the opening hours description on their card: ABIERTOS CASI SIEMPRE (Cocina ininterrumpida 8h-24h) :-))
And the card itself.
Passeig de Gràcia 116
08008 Barcelona
Tel: (+34)932384846





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